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Building data science products and services can be tricky. In order to validate AI ideas quickly and to always deliver the best experience to the end users, we take the minimum viable product (MVP) approach to data science.

Our development process

We have developed a thoroughly tested AI implementation process to speed up development and create the cutting edge services customers need



Data science ideation

Our process usually starts off with an AI use-case ideation phase. This usually happens when customers are just looking for ways to monetize their data and are searching for ways on what AI can be used for in their company. If the customer already has a specific area where they want to use AI, then the ideation phase is basically a MVP feature workshop where we help determine the technical setup and architecture of the project.


Data exploration and validation

Data exploration is the most important phase. This is where we validate the data to the use case. Here we determine if there is enough data with enough quality to build a specific AI model. Also if there is not enough data then data fusion strategies are developed.



Proof of concept development

The PoC outlines a quick way to validate artificial intelligence use cases. The main concept here is to fail or win quickly, meaning that we want to create something as soon as possible so that end-customers can actually validate the idea.


AI solution validation and implementation

The final implementation of any AI model or solution can be drastically different from regular software development implementation. Sometimes you might have to launch a completely raw solution for the models to start learning in real-world conditions.


What our customers say about us


SIFR has been Tele2’s partner in finding ways how AI can improve efficiency and create new revenue streams. What we value most about SIFR is their business oriented approach to AI development, always focusing on finding ways where AI can deliver actual, measurable value.

Mindaugas Kezionis, Head of Product Management, Tele2

SIFR has been a valuable end to end development partner in bringing our product to the market. They have been vital in setting up our data structure in a way that would allow us to use artificial intelligence in an easy an profitable way in the future. We see SIFR as a professional partner that can be recommended to others who appreciate efficiency, flexibility and high quality.

Björn Söderman, CEO, Cogent.io

We have been working with SIFR as an innovation partner on multiple projects, enabling us to quickly evaluate and test new ideas.

Daniel Lübbersted, CIO, Allergopharma, a business of Merck

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