Different companies handle data in a different way and what makes implementing data science solutions in your organization sometimes complicated, is the different states of data accessibility and competences that are available

Our data science pre-study helps companies to determine their data science maturity level and to come up with ideas where to use machine learning and distributed computing in their business. We can also help you valuate your datasets to create meaningful real-world business cases for data science solutions.

Usually a full data science pre-study consists of the following phases but this can vary from customer to customer:

  • Value proposition mining & business sponsorship - Find out what what your business goals are or what problems exist?
  • Value proposition to data science technology matching - Understand what the customer wants to achieve and recommend potential technical frameworks, tools, solutions, dashboards.
  • Data exploration phase - Look into existing data, evaluate datas legal and technical readiness, suggest way forward.
  • End to end solution roadmap development.

The data science pre-study can be followed up quickly by developing a proof of concept and validating the solution with real world end-users.